Halloween Creations

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ever since I was little I have loved Halloween.  It happens to be my moms birthday, so we have always celebrated big time with lots of decorations, fun costumes and candy.  Since moving out on my own, I have tried to maintain that excitement and creativeness for the holiday.  This year is the first with my own house and *hopefully* trick-or-treaters!  Ross and I were brainstorming this weekend for some great costume ideas and fun decor for our home :)  I think we have the costume nailed down...but that will remain a secret for now!! ;)

I am really loving the glitter pumpkins this year...

Will definitely be working on some of these this week!!

This is Ross and I from Halloween last year...
he was a deer, I was the hunter. 
Plus some creepy old man and our inappropriate friend Mason in the background!
Happy Monday!!
xoxo, J