And just like that the summer is over.

Friday, August 29, 2014

I went away for a while.  Life has really taken over lately and I have found myself so caught up in every day that I wandered away from this little space that I love.

I started a new job at the beginning of the summer and am truly convinced that this was the best decision I could have possibly made.  I am so happy and fulfilled in my new company and feels like I have been there forever.  I have moved out of wedding planning (thankfully) and am planning corporate and private events for a small start up company headquartered in Boston.  We are absolutely blowing up around the country though and growing like it is amazing to be part of such a fun experience.

We also have been diving head over heels into the wedding planning.  A few months ago we had made the decision to get married on the Cape and keep it local and low key.  Well over the summer we decided that this really just didn't feel right to us and decided to go balls to the wall and plan the wedding we have both been dreaming of since before we got engaged.  BIG changes were made...the biggest of all being the location...and we couldn't be happier and more excited.

I will definitely be jumping back in to Wedding Wednesday and will show you our new, exciting location next week!

So happy to be back!

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ZBB & The First Day

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Tuesday and Happy July 1st!  Can you believe it is already July?  I am back after a crazy few days...but I survived the most spectacular/amazing/stupendous weekend anddddd an absolutely wonderful first day at my new job!  

Friday I enjoyed a day off and was able to run an insane amount of errands - registered my car, signed up for new know, just general adult like stuff.  I was able to get a ton accomplished though and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon outside in the sun..getting even more color.

Saturday was the best day ever...Zac Brown Band at Fenway!  We started the day at the beach with friends, moved to the roof deck for some BBQ and pregaming and then headed to Fenway for an absolutely epic evening.

Roof deck pregame :)

Me and one of my besties Cait!

The amazing view that we had!!  

Me, Melissa and Cait during the concert!

Ross and I...and our view :)

I kid you not, this was one of the best concerts I have ever seen.  They played the most amazing assortment of music....from all of their hits, to John Mayer, Metallica, Jimmy Buffet, Van Morrison, Dropkick Murphys...seriously everything.  I was totally blown away by the talent of this band...I knew that I liked ZBB before, but I completely love them now.  I cannot wait to go see them again!

Afterwards my favorite Boston country band, Dalton and the Sheriffs, was playing a concert at the House of Blues which is directly across the street from Fenway.  We got in free with our ZBB tickets and danced out butts off for the rest of the night.  They are an amazing band and they do a mixture of covers and their own original songs.  We had a blast and really made this one of the best weekends I have ever had.

Dalton & the Sheriffs

Sunday I was able to get over to Marathon Sports and finally got fitted for new running sneakers!!  I have been meaning to get fitted for so long and after my last race I knew that it was finally time.  I got brand new Brooks sneakers and can't wait to take them out for a spin one night this week.  

Yesterday was the big day...the first day at my new job!  It was so great...everyone is nice, young and really motivated/enthusiastic about our product and company.  It was so refreshing to be around people who are excited to be at their job and actually want to come to work every day.  I am really looking forward to diving in and getting to know the company and all of my new coworkers!  We already have two happy hours on the calendar for this week, so I am sure I will be able to make that happen really quickly :)

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Funemployed Friday

Friday, June 27, 2014

Work is officially over and I am now enjoying a day off and a fun weekend ahead before my new job starts on Monday!  Today is an errands day and then tomorrow is Zac Brown Band at Fenway!  There are about 20 of us going and the weather looks like it is going to be fantastic!  80's and sunny, just how I like it :)  We have plans to BBQ and drink on a friends roof deck before and then head to Fenway.  One of my favorite local country bands is playing at the House of Blues after too so that is another thing I am really looking forward to!

This week we took full advantage of our backyard...and the doggies are so excited about it.  Seamus is a true sun worshipper so he takes any chance he can get to lay outside and soak up the rays.

On another note, I was missing Utah so much this past week.  I found myself staring at old pictures almost every night and feeling very nostalgic for the warm summer Utah days.  Before Ross and I got engaged we always talked about getting married in Utah and over the past year and a half have tried many times to make that dream come true...but for budgeting reasons, it has never seemed possible.  This week, yet again, I just felt sad about it.  Even though we moved away, so much of my heart is still in Utah.  It is where I fell in love with my future husband and where I truly learned to be on my own.  I think it might be time for a trip back sometime soon.

Isn't Park City gorgeous?

I got this message on my Starbucks cup yesterday and it just seemed so perfect considering my week and all of the things that are happening in my life right now.  I am so excited for this new job and new chapter and know that great things are happening! :)

Happy Friday!

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Wedding Wednesday: My Last Wedding

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Last Saturday night was my last wedding ever as a wedding planner!  It went off without a hitch and was actually a lot of fun.  It was a long day but definitely worth it!  

Setup for the musicians during the ceremony

Chairs for the ceremony

Setting up for the reception under the Sperry Tent

'Living Wall' behind the band setup

Wagon (which eventually had a lemonade station on it)

Tent during the crazy dance party!

A closeup of the moss chandeliers

I did a really bad job of taking pictures!  The wedding was gorgeous though and the couple was thrilled.  

Today is officially my last day of work!  I am a bit sad to say goodbye to weddings, but am so relieved that I won't be dealing with brides anymore and cannot wait to move on to the next very exciting chapter in my career!!
NC Belle In Boots

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Finally Back in Action

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The busiest week of the my planning season is officially over!  Last week I had four extremely large events, ending on Saturday night with my last wedding ever.  I will recap it for Wedding Wednesday with lots of pictures!  

Thursday was a really rough day at work...and after giving my notice this week my boss has been less than kind.  I came home and went right out for drinks with Ross to relax and forget about the week and weekend ahead.

Friday was setup day for the wedding and it was crazy.  The tent went up, lighting came in and I was with vendors literally all day long.  I was running around all day but it was gorgeous weather and perfect for an event!

Friday night I had no plans to go out because of how long my Saturday was going to be, but I gave in and went to the bar with some friends.  My best friend Jess moved into a new apartment and I met one of her roommates for the first time...she was awesome!  We had an absolute blast and danced like crazy.  I definitely was paying for it Saturday morning at work...

Saturday I worked from noon until 3am and let me just was insane.  The wedding was gorgeous though and the couple was so happy.  Can't wait to recap it later this week!

Sunday was a beach and country music kind of day!  We sat out on the beach for the entire day...and my skin is absolutely paying for it now with a serioussssss sunburn.  Hopefully it goes away quick and I can be nice and tan for Mexico :)

Last night was Country Sunday where one of our favorite local country artists plays acoustic at a bar down the street from our house.  He is absolutely amazing and we are seeing him and his entire band again on Saturday after the Zac Brown Band concert!  We had a a little too tipsy for a Sunday, but it was all worth it and okay with me since this is my last week at my job anyway :)

Now just two more days of work, two days of errands and then ZBB on Saturday!!  Can it be the weekend already?
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Wedding Wednesday: The Big Change

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Hump Day Wedding Wednesday!  It has been a few weeks since I linked up because honestly...not a whole lot has happened in the planning world.  Well except for one thing...

Most of you probably know that for roughly the past seven years I have been working as a wedding and event planner.  Well I mentioned last week that I was offered a new, very exciting job at a Boston start up.  The biggest thing is...I am no longer going to be involved in weddings in any way.  And I have a big confession to make....

I am absolutely thrilled about it!


When I decided I wanted to be a wedding planner I was absolutely obsessed with weddings.  I loved everything about them...the decor, the romance, the food, the fun, the planning...everything.  When I lived in Utah this feeling was heightened because I was anticipating my own engagement and truly dreaming about my wedding day.  When we did get engaged though, my view on my job and planning completely changed.

We have had a crazy few years and, due to a few different factors, have not been able to plan our day until now.  Throughout our engagement I have still been working with brides and dealing with the drama, stress and demands...which really started to take a toll on my own personal excitement.  There have been many days where Ross said to me "you would be so much more excited about our wedding if this wasn't your job."  

For many reasons, leaving the wedding industry is a decision that has been a long time coming.  Someday I may decide that I want to go back...but for now I am so excited to move onto new clients, new events and an exciting new company.  

And most of all I am more excited than anything to finally plan Ross and my wedding.  My biggest wedding planner take-away definitely has been that regardless of if you spend $5,000 or $100,000 on your wedding....the result is the exact are getting married to your best friend.  And that is the most important thing.    

Wedding Wednesday

NC Belle In Boots

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Skipping Monday

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is this becoming a pattern with me...skipping Monday blogging?  With everything going on lately, I am barely catching my breath on Mondays let alone getting a chance to blog.  And I don't do well at planning posts in advance...hopefully someday I will but that may be wishful thinking.

Friday night Ross and I relaxed at home and watched Johnny Depp film his new movie on our street!  He is currently shooting Black Mass all around Boston and has been in our neighborhood shooting for about a month.  It was so cool to see him and watch the process of filming a scene!  Back in 2010 I got to see the movie The Town being filmed and would go watch them at Fenway every day at lunch.  I can't wait for Black Mass to come out to see the scenes we watched!!

Johnny is the guy looking right at the camera with the glasses and black jacket.

I also finally ordered some new wedges for my Mexico trip!  Sole Society was having an insane 60% off sale on Friday so I scored these for $28!

I also got a new Influenster box in the mail on Friday...the Vow VoxBox!  I am so excited about it and already started using the Olay Regenerist cream!  I will post reviews soon :)

Saturday morning we had our second race of the summer...another five miler in Quincy.  Ross and I were feeling pretty ehhhh about it...but ended up running both of our fastest five-milers yet!!!  I was so proud of us and already have signed us up for another race in July.  The only issue was that I got insane blisters from the it definitely is time for new sneakers.  I was told to go get fitted so I am heading to do just that this week!

Saturday was also a great day out so we were able to spend some really fun time that afternoon with our two fur loves!!

Saturday night we headed to the bar with some close friends and had an absolute blast!!  Dancing, drinking, nice weather and good friends is the best combination!

Sunday was Father's Day so we packed up the doggies and headed to the Cape to my parents house.  My dad and Ross spent the day doing yard work and my mom and I went shopping!!  I was able to find a big floppy hat for Mexico at Marshalls for $12 and am so in love!  It is by Steve Madden and has the cutest pink bow...I can't wait for July 17th to be here already!

The dogs absolutely love visiting my parents...they have a huge yard and they have three dogs so they spend the entire day running around and playing.  The minute we get off of the highway exit they start going nuts in the car and we can tell they are spazzing with excitement to get there.

Yesterday I finally gave my notice to my boss...and she was definitely not a happy camper.  She gave me the silent treatment today, but oh well...she will get over it eventually.  All of my other coworkers are so excited for me and extremely supportive so that just makes me feel even better about my decision to take my new job!  I have five absolutely enormous events at work this I am just ready for it to be over and for June 30th to be here!!

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