Most awkward weekend...ever.

Monday, October 8, 2012

When the weekend started we had tons of plans and exciting things to do.  Then Friday night happened.  Ross and I clearly get too rowdy for what our 25 year old bodies can take.
The night started with us drinking at 5pm and grilling.  Considering our love for the drink made us completely miss the Chi O event, we decided to just get real sloppy before walking up to the bars.  Multiple shots later we made our way to this place with live music.  While there we met this group of people from our town.  Seemed normal, liked to party...we thought hey we might be making friends!  There was a couple within the group and just as we were getting ready to finish our last drinks they leaned over and asked Ross and I to have group sex.  K byeeeeeee.
Saturday we slept till noon, then slept on the couch till 5 and then decided to put clothes on and go to Octoberfest.  We wandered around aimlessly, had a beer and some food and then returned home to the couch.  We are so elderly.
Yesterday it rained so we went to lunch and the mall and watched the Pats.  Talk about excitement. 
This week is busy at work and Ross has a golf conference in Orlando from Seam and I will have some quiet, sober days this weekend!
Happy Monday :)
My drunk ass posing on stage at one of the bars
The band we decided to make friends with.  Yea they are old.
I took this picture obviously because I was blackout.
xoxox, J