BIG MAC. now please.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Yea, I want a big mac. And to wander around Target and probably spend over $100 on random really cool crap. Instead of actually getting out of bed when my alarm went off this morning I stayed in there until 8:15 and strolled into work at 10. Because I was really tired and my throat is sore and I kind of didn't care. That's the attitude of an over achiever!
But, seriously, my desire to come to work lessens with every day that goes by. I probably should just go back to waitressing to de-stress for a few months...I'd probably make more money anyway. Honestly, I miss doing weddings fulltime SO MUCH! Need to fix this little problem, ASAP.
I have an appointment with my trainer again tonight...and I might die. Maybe I should just have the Big Mac as a pre-training reward.  Or a bottle of wine. Or both.
I also really want to just skip Chicago and go to the beach instead! I have the most insane urge to pack up the house and just move down to Florida.  But that's another story.
Looks like today should have been Random Wednesday. Because this post is all over the map!
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  1. ohhh I am totally on board with moving to Florida, we can be neighbors!

    and I am slightly upset with you for making me crave MD's right now.
    I was fine with my almonds and yogurt..

    1. I held strong and went for the slightly healthier Panera!! :)

      And we are counting down for our lease to end so we can be FL bound!