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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good morning loves and heyyyyyy to all my new followers!  My head is tired today from my big bottle of vino from last night...but whatevs, gets me through the work week...that's fo sho.  It is supposed to be almost 70 today and tomorrow!!
  Oh don't forget to enter the giveaway for a Keurig,Verismo or CASH!  Can't say no to that deal, ladies. 
I'm linking up for First Things First today to talk about some firsts in my life!!
First Best Friend
Definitely my neighbor/childhood BFF Sam.  Our moms met when we were two in some kind of mommy and me class and it turned out that we were neighbors!  We were extremely close all through our childhoods and into high school.  She is an awesome girl...we aren't close anymore, but I love hearing about how she is doing!
First Concert
James Taylor when I was 6 or 7 months old.  I have seen him in concert 63 times since.  And met him in of the best days of my life.
First Celeb Crush
  Baby Hanson...Zac.  We WERE getting married.  It was a fact.  Don't judge ladies, he was sexy shit when we were like 10.  Talk about my kinda man ;)

LINK UP with us!!  I like this link up a ton...always makes me laugh thinking about my old funny stories. 

I have some other random crap on my mind today...first thing is a sick ass weave.  Yea, you heard me.  Fake hair.  I want it so bad.  The second I saw Whit post about hers, I was sold.  I need it on my head like yesterday.  Do any of you guys have some sexy fake hair?  Where the eff can you find it for under $80 damn dollars?!  I found some ghetto ones on Ebay from like China, but I have to admit...I'm afraid it would show up and be some sort of weird dog hair or something.

Sketchy? Maybe?  Might freak Ross out...

My hair doesn't grow past my shoulders so I have to improvise!

And with that, I seriously think I need to crack a bottle of red.  No judging.
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  1. Oh man - I remember the days of being obsessed with Hanson! Mmm-bop is seriously still my jam though. That stuff never gets old. Ever.

    1. I feel that way about them and the Spice Girls hahaha I will rock out to that anytime :)

  2. Hahaha I was more of a Taylor Hanson man myself. I always liked them older. And I guess I really like the name Taylor since that's my fiance's name. Just now put 2&2 together.

    Also, for my senior prom we needed clip-in extensions on the cheap & my mom bought some at Sally's Beauty Supply for like $25. They worked GREAT & stayed in place & held up to all the curling & hairspraying etc. I would occasionally clip them in after that just when I wanted some more body. Now obviously if you wear them every day they would get messed up pretty quick but if you just want them for special occasions they were very handy to have around. We plan on buying another set for my wedding!

  3. Hanson was my crush too! Taylor was sooo dreamy!
    Loved reading your post!