Ladies, I need some E-Sesh advice!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Okay girls.  I need some serious advice.  Ross and I scheduled engagement pictures and we're having them done when we're in Vegas!  And now comes the insanely hard part...deciding what we both are going to wear and what the hell to do with the mop on my head!  I am completely stressing out and only have a month to figure this out.
We do not want to look like those people.  Well maybe... ;)
No but seriously, my vision is to take some sunset shots on the strip and then get some with the lights in the background at night.  VERY subdued, very classy, I do not want to focus on the "Vegas" thing too much but do want a subtle Vegas feel.  Since we are doing them in the evening I think we should go dressier rather than casual...right?

I've been thinking about a blazer with a cute top, jeans and heels...or maybe a blouse.  For Ross, I'd like him to be in either nice jeans and a button down or his 'work' clothes...khakis, button down and sweater.  I found this picture on pinterest and loved the simple white top she is wearing.

Our primary wedding color is definitely going to be do I include some purple in the outfits? If you guys can't tell I am brutally confused!  I really like the outfit below too...

And did you ladies get your hair and makeup done or do it yourself?  I am seriously drooling over clip-in extensions...which I think would be a great addition to my awkward length hair.  I want to do these 'right' so we don't totally hate them after, but just need some guidance.

You guys are rockstars!!

Happy Friday :) 
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  1. wear things you feel comfortable in or awesome in, otherwise you'll be uncomfortable and that will show in your photos. I'd suggest doing your make-up and hair yourself too because then you'll be more you. That's just my opinion. :)
    I like the dressy look and your vision though!!

    1. OH! Some of our engagement pics are here:

      We looked at pinterest a lot too for fun poses, etc

      ps; biggest advice, HAVE FUN!!!

    2. Thank you for the advice!!!! Your pictures came out great...I really like the outfits that you chose. Maybe I am just way too nervous! haha

  2. Be comfortable! You will be surprised at some of the positions you get yourself into doing engagement pics ...

    My husband and I each wore dark jeans, he wore a button up shirt, I wore a sweater. It was comfortable, classy.
    Make sure you put on a little more eye makeup than usual to make your eyes pop!


    1. Ohh the makeup thing is a good idea, I hadn't thought about that! Thanks for the advice :)

  3. Here are my two cents as a wedding and portrait photographer: Wear whatever makes you feel absolutely fabulous. If you buy a new outfit, that's fine, but make sure you're not second guessing yourself in it. Can't decide between two outfits? I'm sure your photographer will let you change outfits so you have two different looks in your photos. DEFINITELY get your hair and makeup done. It's a small expense that you seriously will not regret.

    1. Thank you for the advice!! Do most women have their hair/makeup done you think? I don't know if I am talented enough to do mine myself and look okay hahaha

  4. I would wear something that coordinates but isnt matchy matchy. I don't think you have to have your wedding color in the photos unless you just want to. I agree that you should definitely wear what you are comfortable in. And I'd also take another outfit if your package or photographer allows that. Just more options for you!