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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I have party brain right now.  Total Vegas takeover.  I haven't been back in Vegas in like...a year...and am about ready to just start poppin bottles at my desk because I am so excited.  I want that sunshine to soak into my pearly white skin while I sip on the biggest, strongest drinks known to man.  Ross and I were eating breakfast this morning and were practically giggling with excitement.  Let's get this shit started already! 
Because of my overwhelming excitement, I have been listening to the Calvin Harris pandora station for about 7 days...non-stop.  I even tried to put it on when we were going to bed the other night.  Yea...I am freaking the eff out guys.  If you haven't been to Vegas I suggest you turn your computer off, get in your car and go to the nearest airport right now.  I mean NOW.  Just do it...don't think about it.
In other news, my parents get here tomorrow and that also is having me giddy with excitement!  They are watching Seamus for us while we go and are staying for a few extra days to hang out with us...I am taking them on a tour of our wedding venue Friday and my mom and I are getting pedi's and then we have a trip to the Biltmore on the agenda.  Can't wait for all of that too!  What an exciting week!
I am going to miss this precious little face though.  He will be so excited to have my parents here, but I hope he misses us just a little!!
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  1. Where are you getting married and when's the wedding? Super exciting :)