Backin it up in Boston

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey from Boston.  It is cold but that is is great to be home!  I have a burning question for you guys today...should I cut bangs again?  Ross says hell no because I was miserable growing them out...but that isn't convincing me.

Here are two shitty pictures for reference. 
These bangs were all over my face lol I then cut them shorter so I didn't look so strange.  But they definitely make my face really round.  I don't knowwww.  See what I told you about decision making?  And this isn't even a big deal.  
I decided I want to back my azz up with some baby makin music today andddd some lovely Deadmau5.  Because yes, I do listen to Deadmau5 on a regular basis.  Maybe that is weird, I don't know. 
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  1. Pusher Love Girl. Listen to it every morning on the way to work since I bought that damn CD! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Also, thanks for telling me about John Mayer/Phil Phillips the other day! I totally bought tickets this morning!

  2. Brand new to your blog today via the link uP. I love your hair how it is in the picture on the right column of the blog- it looks like you might have some longer bangs pushed back? Or maybe those are just layers lol.

    Love the JT song- is that from his new album? I keep meaning to listen to it!

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  3. You look awesome with the bangs, but I think you look even better without them. Just my thoughts though. I think the same thing about myself and have never ever gotten 1 week past the attempt to grow them out phase cause I'm just addicted to them.