The stuff of this weekend

Monday, March 11, 2013

 Can you believe that it is Monday again?  I wish the weekend didn't go by so quickly.  We were supposed to have engagement photos taken but our photographer was sick so instead we did some shopping, strolled around Greenville in the fabulous weather and spent a lot of time with Seamus!

I am in love with this new oversized Old Navy top I just got!

Relaxing Saturday night...puzzles and all.

Cuddling and watching tv :)

Sunday was GORGEOUS.  I tanned and Seamus ran laps around the yard.

If you haven't tried these go buy them NOW!  So good and only 240 calories each!!!
This week is going to be very busy!  It is finally looking like the entire week will be in the 60's and we have a lot of "out-of-work" errands that need to be accomplished.  And then my favorite holiday of the year is this weekend....St. Patrick's Day!!
Linking up with Sami today :)
Happy Monday...
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  1. More than your shirt, I love that you're holding a Dunkin' iced coffee. Girl after my own heart! DD is where it's at sister! ;) I haven't seen those Special K sandwiches, but they look pretty delectable...I'll probably have to find those soon!

  2. I love any posts with dog pictures on them. Tilly is banned from pictures after she decided to play in the paint that I was using to paint one of our rooms this weekend. Hope you have a great week Jess.

  3. 1. that top is adorable 2. Our dogs need to be friends 3. I need to go to the grocery store for those sandwiches!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend!

  4. Love the outfit, and I can't wait til St. Patty's! Also my favorite holiday!

  5. I don't know why we don't do more puzzles. I'd love to clean off our dining room table and just use it for puzzles and have one going all the time. Unfortunately, I use it as my blogging spot/office. Perhaps I'll go buy a puzzle and make it happen.

  6. LOVE that old navy top so cute!! the weather was sooo amazing this weekend!