Thursday Recovery

Thursday, March 7, 2013

So now that we are back the true withdrawals are setting in.  Back to work, colder weather and real life.  Not fair!  How come we can't work 2 days a week and have 5 days off?  Is that realistic?  I wish. 
Saturday one of our friends is taking our engagement pictures!!  I picked out two different outfits that I will be wearing.  One is this new dress that I just bought from Old Navy with some really cute tan wedges that I own.  I am having Ross wear a dark plaid dress shirt and dress jeans while I am in this outfit.
My second outfit is another Old Navy top...but it is actually white, not black like shown, with light gray polka dots.  I am going to wear this top with jeans and these very cute heels that I have.  Ross will be wearing a lighter button down and khakis.
What do you guys think?  I am having my nails done that morning and then am planning to do loose curls in my hair. 
I really hope these turn out nicely!!  Seamus is going to be in them too :)
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  1. Cute outfits!!! :) Have so much fun!!

  2. Super cute outfits! Excited to see the pics!

  3. Cute outfits - love that dress! Where are you having the pics taken? We did ours in/around Falls Park and the river since that's where we got engaged