The Wedding To-Do List

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesdays typically consist of a little First Things First action, but today I am feeling more wedding focused.  We have a meeting this evening with a DJ (fingers crossed that he rocks) and we are trying to set up as many vendor meetings as possible over the next few weeks.  Our engagement pictures are re-scheduled for May 11th so I have about a month to get a few pounds off...woof.  I guess the Moe's I had for dinner isn't helping that.  Oh and the Panera for lunch. 
I found some really inspiring stuff on Pinterest yesterday...
I seriously need a wall of sparkly lights behind us during our ceremony.  I came up with so many ideas of how I could build this last night.  And by me..I mean Ross.
These are fab.  But so spendy!  This budget bride ain't got money for that!
I also put together my To-Do list last is seriously four pages long.  That makes my head hurt.  And then I thought of more things that aren't on it.  And I have less than 347 days to get everything accomplished!
My current big priorities are:
- Book the caterer
- Decide on a ceremony location
- Book an officiant
- Start meeting with florists
- Take engagement pics & order Save the Date's
- Start the guest list
I am hoping to get most of that done in April and we will see if that will happen with my busy work schedule!!
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  1. Cute ideas from Pinterest! I like the light/sparkly wall :)

  2. Those star lights are flipping amazing!!

  3. Love the sparkly light wall! I want to have tons of white twinkle lights for my reception too!

  4. You are getting married one month after me!! We still have to decide on a caterer and trim our guest list too.. so hard to do!! Oh and I love the sparkaly lights too!!!

  5. UHHHH My list is growing too! I have 6 months!

  6. I am helping my little sister with her wedding and we are needing to get a charter bus to have all the family and grandparents ride in so that they don't have to worry about driving around in an unfamiliar area. I have to look for some good bus rates and I just hope that it doesn't cost a fortune since it is coming out of my own pocket. Aren't I the best sister?