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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I am back and the graduation is over!  Now I can finally (sort of) relax and officially start my summer.  Today and tomorrow we have two more large events, but then it is smooth sailing. 

So much has happened since I blogged last week!  We are completely moved into the new house..which has been SO great.  We absolutely love the location and the house, it is seriously adorable.  It is an old cottage and I can't wait to decorate and really turn it into our home.
Here is the bathroom after a little makeover!  New curtains, shower curtain, bathmat and towels. :)

The babies watching me unpack this weekend.

Are you noticing a trend here?  #BestFriends
The Graduation that I was in charge of planning also was a success.  We were very worried about the weather, but it held off and didn't rain until about 15 minutes after everything ended!  Talk about luck!  I am really proud of myself for putting the entire event together...there were about 6500 people total that attended and it seriously feels like a huge accomplishment to me.  Before last night my largest event to date was only for 350!!  Now I feel like I can take on anything :) hehe ...not really.
During setup on Monday.
The dark clouds heading our way in the hours before the ceremony...but they didn't reach us!!!

This weekend we are busy!!  We have one of our groomsmen coming into town Friday night to visit us...which is going to be such a blast.  I definitely want to head downtown with him and check out some fun bars.  We haven't had the chance to do too much bar hopping since we were living so far away before, but now that we are right downtown we can go whenever we'd like!

Saturday we finally have our engagement pictures.  We had to reschedule the first time, so we are kind of in crunch mode so that we can get them back and order our Save the Dates.  I really want to get them sent out in June.  We want to give our guests plenty of notice since everyone has to travel down to South Carolina.

Since I have absolutely no idea what to wear, Friday will consist of me going shopping probably all day.  I took the day off work and better make good use of it!

Leaving these little babies this morning was so hard!
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  1. I love the bathroom makeover! Those curtains are too cute!

  2. the bathroom looks great! I am sure whatever you choose you will look too cute!

  3. Your dogs are so precious; I hope ours will curl up together like that someday.