The Shennanies of my 3-day Weekend

Monday, May 13, 2013

I took Friday off to shop and ended up finding the best dress for my pictures!!  It was way more money that I wanted to spend...but oh well, my birthday is coming up anyway!  Then one of our groomsmen came to visit for the night, we took pictures Saturday and then went hiking Sunday!  I will let the pictures tell you the whole story.
This sweet face woke me up Friday morning :)

Our living room is finally coming together!
Ross and AJ out on Friday night.
Preview of our pictures!  I will post the rest on Wednesday :)
My sweet babies!
On their way to hike
Gorgeous view of the lake that we found
Ross has a huge tournament this week so I am living single parent life for the next 6 days.  Penny has to get fixed on Thursday another Friday off for me :)
Linking up with Sami today!

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  1. Loveeee the doggies :)

  2. Your living room looks super cute--LOVE the red couch! :)

  3. your doggies are sooo cute! LOVE the dress you wore, can't wait to see the rest!