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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Holy moly, I am back in action!  I am so sorry for the insane silence that has taken place around these parts.  Really, so many things have happened over the past month that it is hard to capture it all in one post.  We left South Carolina, found an adorable apartment in South Boston, both started brand new jobs and have been busy every single second of every single day since we got back.  I am actually not kidding.
Here are a ton of pictures to kind of show you what I mean...
Road trip babies!
I think this was Virginia...
First beer in Boston!
The loves of my life at the beach :)
Beautiful Boston..view from Ross's new job!
Showing Ross around Babson!
Yayyy friends!
Our cute built in shelves in our new apartment :)
Friends again...making me happy :)
At the Fenway Bridal show..
New clothes, new bedroom.
My munchkins
Another outfit.
More crazy things:
Ross decided to pursue a new career and leave the golf industry!  He is working in a real office in sales now and absolutely loves it!!  WOOHOO! I am thrilled about it because he has full weekends off and is actually home for me to see him now. 
We sold one of our cars and now have no car payment...umm can you say amazing?!
I've started wedding planning again!  Yes, amongst all of the insanity in my life I have started looking at venues and new dates.  Maybe even 2015..hehehe
We are going to the Red Sox on Saturday and I am so freaking excited!
In one month we head to NYC for a close friend's wedding...and to reunite with my bestie and bridesmaid Lauren :)
Life is just crazy.  Talk about a complete 180 from the boring-ness of South Carolina.  I literally couldn't be happier that we made this move.  Ross and I are doing extremely well and despite our busy jobs and lives, we are just vibe-ing amazingly.  Sounds weird, but I have never felt as connected and in love with him as I have been lately! 
I will be back more regularly now since I am finally getting internet set up at the apartment tomorrow!!
And I have 2,087 posts in bloglovin to read.  Woah.
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  1. It looks like you are having such a great time in Boston! I'm so glad that you are back home and happy! Enjoy yourself! :)

  2. boston welcomes you :)

  3. So glad y'all are happy in Boston! I must say, it hasn't rained ONCE since you moved away! Haha, guess you and the South just weren't meant to be!

  4. Glad you're back! I hope you share more pictures of your apartment!

  5. Congrats on all the awesomeness - and welcome back to Boston!! I too have been insanely busy over the past few weeks and cannot believe how fast those posts on Bloglovin' pile up - I think it's the wedding blogs I follow that post multiple times a day that kill me! Good luck with your catch up! xo, Sara

  6. you look so happy!!! I am really happy for you Jess! Looks like things are settling very nicely for you in beantown! Jealous, I miss that beautiful city!