A Little Late to the Party

Monday, January 27, 2014

I am recapping my weekend a bit later than usual...actually Monday is basically over at this point, so this is me recapping mostly the last four days.  

Friday I woke up feeling pretty awful and headed to work, only to continue to decline throughout the day.  Friday evening brought the excitement of Katy Perry tickets, but besides that I drank tea, had NyQuil and went to bed.

Saturday was one of my besties birthdays, so we had plans to go to a Beer Festival that evening!  We met up with some of Ross's coworkers at a bar before hand and then headed over to the festival for some yummy craft beer and music.  I still felt like crap though, so we went home at 9pm, had some chinese food and went to bed by 10!  

Sunday was spent at Target and then the couch...all day long.  Of course we watched the Grammy's, but besides that it was an extremely lazy day.

Work today was awful since I actually feel worse than I did all weekend, so I left at 4pm, came home and have been on the couch ever since.  Hopefully this week starts looking up and I can kick this colds ass!

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  1. So glad to see you back in the blogging world! :) It looks like you have had a very busy, but very fun few months!