Five on Friday

Friday, March 14, 2014

Did this week fly by or what?  Maybe because I have been so busy with two jobs and all of the other crazy things going on in my life, but the days are just starting to blend today - it has been a whirlwhind of a few months!

The highlights of this week definitely have to be:

- one -

Grocery store sushi...yes I said it and I love it.  Um take a look at that delicious tastes even better than it looks!  Roche Bros for the win!

- two -

And then this happened.  No, I am not pregnant.  Yes, the anti-baby lady has officially caught baby fever.

- three -

Seamus was a total pain in the ass today - I went to the grocery store for an hour and came back to him destroying a bookcase full of stuff in our living room.  But then I caught this picture of him...he felt so sad about being then I caved and gave him kisses and love.  I will be an awful parent (see #2).

- four -

I have been working at a huge Flower & Garden convention all week - the company I work for is one of the main vendors involved and so despite the snow outside I at least have been surrounded by gorgeous smelling flowers all week!

- five -

I cannot wait for this weekend!  My parents are coming to visit Saturday to spend the day with us and then Sunday is the St. Patrick's Day parade!  It is a huge deal in Boston and goes right by my apartment.  Friends of ours are having a keg party and I absolutely cannot wait.  Bring on the 27 year old's doing keg stands at 10am!

Me chasing a Guiness at the 2009 parade :)

Lauren and I...celebrating... :)

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. ahh! have a great weekend my dear!
    I have baby fever too, and it is overtaking my life! :)

    annnnnd I totally getcha on the dog mom thing. I can never stay mad at them for more than a minute! :)