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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The other day I talked about my insane desire to travel, see the world and eventually move again.  But despite all of that, my heart always is with and in Boston.  I grew up here and have always had that Boston passion in me...from the way I talk and drive to the dedication I feel for our sports teams and the love and pride for the Boston people.  After a heart wrenching day yesterday and the anniversary of the Marathon fast approaching, I think that it is a perfect time for me to touch on the amazing things this city has to offer and the countless reasons why, no matter where I live, Boston will always be my home.

The dedication and love for Boston sports is one of the best things you can experience here.  As an avid Red Sox fan, I feel personally invested in each win and loss...I watch Spring Training games every chance possible and always am at the TV or bar or at Fenway when there is a game.  The season is long and bumpy, but the feeling of pride and passion is unmatched anywhere else.  I honestly believe there is nothing better than the pounding in your chest that comes with entering Fenway park, singing along to Sweet Caroline and cheering beside 37,000 other faithful fans.  My love for Boston sports doesn't stop with the Sox though...I am equally as passionate about the Bruins and their fiery fans and rowdy games.  Stanley Cup is coming home in 2014!

Almost one year ago, the Boston Marathon attacks shook the city and the entire world.  I was living in South Carolina at the time and was literally unable to tear myself away from the TV and stop the tears from being in my eyes.  To this day, any footage or TV coverage of the Boston Marathon Attacks brings me immediately to tears.  We have a dedication to Boston and to our fellow Bostonians...and that was never more evident then after the attacks.  Boston's people are strong and are united and truly care for each other and our city more than anything.  I feel pride when I tell people where I am from and the love I have for this city has never been stronger than in the past year.  After the attacks, my heart called me home and I knew more than ever that, even if temporarily, I needed to get back to where I came from.  

Coming back meant getting back to my roots, to the people I love and the places I missed.  It feels amazing to be back with my friends, some of whom I haven't seen in four years, and just be exactly the same as before I left.  Last weekend, a group of us were together and talked about just that - how even though years have passed, we get together and it is like we have never left each other.  

The places feel so good too.  When I drive to and from work each day, I say goodbye and hello to the absolutely stunning skyline of Boston.  Coming home, I am often greeted by gorgeous sunsets behind the buildings and have, on so many occasions, thought about how truly blessed I am to be living in a city as spectacular and gorgeous as the one I am in.  A few weekends ago my parents and I strolled along the waterfront and watched the planes take off at Logan Airport and I just felt so lucky.  Lucky to be here, to have the life that I have and the people that are in it.  I may not stay here forever, but for right now it sure does feel good.

As we enter the spring and the start of Sox season, summer concerts, beach days and BBQ's, I am excited for the things to come and that I had the opportunity to come home again.

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  1. Love this post!! I'm a not a Boston native but consider this to be my home now!! Living here for the past 4+ years has been wonderful - love this city and love all the people!! All the people always band together - Boston Strong for sure!!

  2. Boston has my heart! Love this post.