Five on Friday

Friday, May 16, 2014

We made it to Friday!  I am jumping for joy because after the wedding tonight I am off for the entire weekend!  Tomorrow we are looking at wedding venues and I could not be more excited!!  I really hope that for next Wedding Wednesday I have a date and location to tell you all about! :)

:: one :: 

We had a lot of really yummy meals this week!  This pizza was homemade Chicken, Bacon, Ranch and it was freaking delicious.  On the menu for tonight...Salmon :)

:: two ::

I was able to spend a lot of time with my two sweet babies this week!  It was nice weather and I had Monday off so we had a lot of walks at the beach and plenty of cuddle time...which is everyone's favorite.

:: three ::

Is anything better than living 2 minutes from the beach?  I really think I live in the best place I have ever lived and can't wait for Ross and I to be able to buy a place in Southie in a few years!

:: four ::

Aren't the table settings from our event last night just gorgeous?  I am obsessed with these colors and the flowers...everything came together so nicely and looked absolutely stunning!!  

:: five ::

Sunday is the Harpoon 5-Miler and I am so nervous!  My goal is to finish in under an hour...but let's be real, that probably won't be happening!  Oh well, as long as I finish and get to the beer I will be happy :)

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  1. I saw that pizza on instagram and was drooling!! So my number is 1177 for the race - hope to see you there...maybe lol!