Friday Favs

Friday, September 21, 2012

I spent my first night in the new house last night!  It was scary and exciting all at the same time.  Seamus and I slept on our new red couch..which I discovered this morning is NOT a good color for his fur.  Talk about a gross situation.  Guess little Seamus is going to be banned to the floor from now on :( 
This morning I found out some AMAZING news too...Ross gets here a day earlier than we were expecting!!!  THURSDAY!  I am so excited I could dance on my desk!
I am going to start doing a Friday Favs post every week to get this blog moving.
I am drooling over these stackable alphabet rings..I want a J, R and S!

I also just bought these from shoedazzle (stormi)! 
They might go back...we will see if I can find anything to wear them with.
Now I am thinking about buying these (Irene) because I have a $15 off coupon!
This F21 sweater has also captured my heart...
Online shopping is so harmful to my bank account!!  I will probably give in and order both of those and probably more over the course of the weekend.  :(
xoxo, J