Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ross gets here tomorrow.  I'm not excited or anything :)  Last night I went to the Haywood absolutely sucks.  I am definitely spoiled after living in downtown Boston and then having the ridiculous City Creek Mall in SLC...but this is just horrible.  I found out when I first moved here that the closest decent stores are in CHARLOTTE...which is 90 miles away!  I'm talking Nordstrom, H&M, Zara, F21, DSW, Ikea...legit no where near me.
HORRIFYING.  Thank god there is online shopping. 
My little man looks like a therapist in this picture
Two choices for today...went with the right.  I love belting things lately.  #OOTD
Sorry for the pre-hair & makeup pics. WOOF.
My daily dose of PUMPKIN is just fab.  Minus the calories going straight to my ass.
xoxo, J