Airplanes & Alcohol

Friday, October 5, 2012

Last night Ross and I went to a party in an airplane random!  It was awesome dressed up and had dinner and an open bar :)  It was in Spartanburg which is about 20 minutes from our I put on my highest heels and tried it out.  Ended up having a total blast!! 
This weekend includes Chi O date night tonight, Octoberfest tomorrow and nursing our hangovers on Sunday!  Happy Weekend!!!!
I have a serious problem with taking pictures in this horrid mirror. 
TONIGHT I will start having Ross take them.  Promise :) 
Waiting for the concert to start and boozing :) 
Outside at the event last night..pretty legit
Today is Wear Your Letters day!  Reppin CHI O! 
Too bad I cut most of my shirts up for my quilt :( womp wompppp.
xoxo, J