Rain, rain, go away...

Monday, October 1, 2012

It seriously never stops raining in this state.  Saturday and today it just poured.  Ross is here (WOOHOO!) so we were able to get a TON of things set up in our house...feels good to get settled in. 
I have been attempting to like South Carolina but I am pretty sure that I am the hardest person to please...ever.  I wanted to leave UT so badly and now I am missing it more than anything.  Right before we left I was started to have major second thoughts and now I just don't know if we did the right thing.  My job is not what I thought it was going to be, so that isn't helping either.
Hopefully we get into the swing of things and find some fun here in SC.  We did get pretty rowdy on Saturday night...one of my favorite pasttimes. 
This may or may not have been taken at 3am.  Ross also might be drunk.
This is what was happening before the picture above.
Brown hair! Brown hair!
Have a great week!
xoxo, J