Get Fit: Miss new booty

Monday, October 1, 2012

Over the past three and a half years since graduating from college I have spent my time doing the following:
1. Sitting at a desk 8 hours a day
2. Eating fast food and extremely unhealthy crap
3. Binge drinking 3-4 nights per week
4. Rarely exercising
25lbs later I am finally putting a stop to this.
Starting today, I am going to commit to getting healthy.  Ross and I just joined a gym near our house and we have made the decision to each go 5-6 times per week.  We are cutting back on going out to eat and are going to really focus on smaller portions, less grease, carbs, soda and beer.  
Total goal weight: 135lbs
10/1 weigh-in: 170 lbs
11/1 goal weight: 164 lbs
12/1 goal weight: 158 lbs 
1/1 goal weight: 152 lbs 
2/1 goal weight: 146 lbs
3/1 goal weight: 140 lbs
4/1 goal weight: 135 lbs
My goal is to lose about 6lbs per month through exercise, healthy eating and better choices.  If I can stick to this plan/goal then I should be at my target weight by April. 
One thing I am not giving up...booze.  #SorryImNotSorry 
I figured by posting my weight on the internet it would really motivate me to make this happen.  Either that or I just told all of you how much of a chub I have turned into for nothing.  So wish me luck :)
xoxo, J