Can we drink wine today instead of work?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

5am gym sessions really get you going for the day...I have been up for so long now I feel like a glass or wine or something.  That sounds bad...but oh well.
Last night we got a big box in the mail...and some of the best things were inside!  First, Ross's mom made us (really me..) a new quilt with a bunch of my Babson and Chi Omega tshirts!  Ross has a shirt or two on there...but it's basically mine :)
SOOOO excited about this!!
ALSO in the box was a huge book with tons of baby pictures of Ross.  Until last night I had never seen a picture of him under the age of 18...crazy right?!  Good thing he was a cutie!
These three are my favorites...wasn't he ADORABLE?!  (Sorry Ross...)
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Have a kick ass Thursday :)
xoxo, Jess