Sweater Weather

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yes, these were taken in my work bathroom.  I am sorry...trying to be a better/fancier blogger is very hard!  Especially when all pics come from my iphone :(  Big girl camera WILL be my Christmas splurge..promise!
Anyway...I LOVE big, comfy, winter sweaters.  This one I just got this past weekend at The Gap.  It is so cozy I could just curl up under my desk and take a nap right now.
Here are some sweaters I am drooling over for the winter...
This F21 beauty is great for brightening up a cold winter day..
Another F21 obsession
Chi O will never leave me with the amount of owl stuff I own :)
Comfy but still sparkling with this Dorothy Perkins
I love animal print on everything!
Like I said...leopard
Adorable...AND on sale!
What do you think of my picks?!
xoxo, Jess