Fab Friday!

Friday, November 30, 2012

TGIF people!  I am ready for some WEEKEND! Today starts Day 1 of our "Get Healthy" fit plan...gym at 5am and then Insanity after work.  We are probably total nutcases but we're both really dedicated to getting in shape for our wedding and so we have to start now!  We also have decided to cut our booze intake :(  I literally could take down a bottle of red every night...but we agreed that we are only going to drink on Fridays for the foreseeable future.  Womp womppppp.  Obvi holidays don't count!

Ross and his baby..

J. Biebs really helped me out this morning at the gym.  This song is TOO GOOD.  And yea, I know I'm 25.

I may or may not be wearing this new leopard scarf like..almost every day.  #nobigdeal
This weekend we are going to get our Christmas Tree!!!  And I have an eye doctor appointment in T-67 minutes so most likely going to be doing some intense glasses shopping as well.  Hopefully I can pull off some sort of geek-chic/sexy librarian business.  And I also am hoping they don't tell me I am going blind...because that is what is seems like!
Have a great weekend loves!
xoxo, Jess