Weekend Recap

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ew..it's Monday.  I do have a Christmas luncheon thing at work today though..which will break up the total boring-ness of my day.  Ross and I started doing two-a-days which is making it really hard for me to walk...but these damn lbs haven't been dropping like I want so I guess I better start taking drastic measures.
We got our Christmas tree this weekend!  And unfortunately for me...I finally had to suck it up and get glasses.  I have been suffering with mild blindess and horrifying headaches for monthsssss now so when I went to the eye doctor Friday he said giddy up girl and get some specs.  So..yea, I got me some sweet bifocals on Saturday, what what!
This week is boring...but a week from tomorrow is DMB IN ATL...so god help me this week better fly by.

Our pretty tree!
I am not impressed.

My handsome baby!
OBSESSED....Essie "beyond cozy"
Happy Monday!!
xoxo, Jess