Boring Weekend Recap

Monday, December 10, 2012

This weekend was full of relaxing and Christmas errands.  Friday night we decided to go out for some dinner and drinks.  Happy hour was still going on so we relaxed for a while and enjoyed a night out..which we don't get very often!
Saturday we were scheduled to go to Charleston to look at some wedding venues but at the last minute decided that we actually don't want to get married we cancelled them all and hung out with our handsome little guy at home instead!  

Sunday Ross always works so I braved the mall for some Christmas shopping, picked up my new glasses and finally found a NYE dress that I love!  Only took purchasing three dresses...oops. 
I cannot believe I am actually posting horrible.

Yayy New Years!!  I figured this dress would also work well for Vegas!
Happy Monday!
xoxo, Jess