Wedding Weds..errr Thursday?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yesterday I skipped Wedding Wednesday since I was in such a stupor I could barely function.  So today is going to be Wedding THURSDAY!  I haven't actually made any progress in the wedding department, besides contacting some photogs for engagement pics.  Instead of talking about the actual wedding I think I will let you in on a little bit about me...the story of how Ross and I met!  Buckle up.
Back in April of 2010 four of my friends and I decided to take a ladies trip to Vegas for some fun.  At the same time, Ross and his friend Tom were on a two week camping trip through southern Utah...and were ending that trip with two nights in Vegas.  The day we arrived it was surprisingly chilly so we checked into Treasure Island and headed down to the hot tub.  There were a few randos there..and one creep who kept rubbing my friends feet, but we got cocktails and made it work.  Then two guys walked was very attractive and the other was wearing a Yankees hat.  Being the single lady I was I told my friends I wanted to talk to the "lookah".  I approached the Yankee and began to harrass him for his hat.  He told me his friend and I would get along..**my in!**...and Ross and I began talking.  They joined us in the hot tub and we drank with them for a while before deciding we needed to go eat and get ready to party.  We exchanged room numbers and invited them to come drink with us later on.
A few hours later, one of my friends suggested we call them and invite them up.  I called down to their room and told them that we were drinking.  They came up and I strategically placed him right next to me.  Here's our first photo ever..of that exact moment.
Ross and I got fed up with how long everyone was taking to get ready so we decided to go out on our own.  Yea...I know...really safe decision.  Whatever, I was young :)
We went to the bar and since I still had no idea what his name was I asked to "see his license picture".  Sneaky!!
Then we went and found our friends...
And danced way too much..
The next day...we spent the entire day drinking and dancing at the pool.  And then...they had to leave.  And he didn't ask for my number.  And for like .5736 seconds I felt really sad.  But then my vacation continued and I forgot and we went back to Boston and that was that.  Or so I thought...
A few days later when I was going through my camera pictures and seeing the absurd things that I documented, I decided that I should look him up on facebook and show him all of the pictures.  I remembered his first name...and luckily for me he has his last name tattooed down his side...easy!  I found him in about 2 seconds and added him as a friend.  Innocent.  About an hour later he sent me a message with his phone number appologizing for not getting mine in Vegas and telling me he really wanted to keep in touch with me.  We have spoken every day since.
This all happened at the end of April 2010.  I made my first trip out to Utah on July 12, 2010 and then my second trip on August 21, 2010.  On September 8, 2010 I moved to Utah to live with Ross.
July 2010

October 2010

February 2011

And my two guys being random last night..
Hope you made it through my whole crazy story!
xoxo, Jess