Finally Friday

Friday, December 14, 2012

I am extremely thankful that today is Friday.  Even though it would be better if it was 5pm already...but I guess it will be soon enough.  Yesterday was officially the worst day I have had in this stupid state as of yet.  I am so over it.  I want to be home in MA already...back with friends and family and normal city living.  Living here officially sucks.  We have no friends, hate our jobs and have no money to even do fun things.  All of that adds up to this place completely sucking.  Everyone our age here is either already married or has/is trying to have kids.  The idea of having a kid makes me very uncomfortable...I am lucky if Seamus gets dinner, let alone a child.  I need the city...I need the buildings and the ocean and the train and the bars and dancing and friends and culture.  This place is NOT cutting it.  I need to go home.

Enjoy your weekend..
xoxo, Jess