Friday, January 4, 2013

Even though this was a short week it seemed to go on forever!  I started feeling much better yesterday, so I ventured to the gym last night...just to find that every resident of my small town was there.  Every single machine...taken.  When I finally got on a treadmill I was scared to get off so I ran for so long my legs feel like jelly today!
This weekend I really want to head into downtown Greenville to of my new favorite things to do! We are anxious to move there once our lease expires at the end of the summer, so I LOVE taking the quick drive to just wander through the stores and is definitely one of the cutest towns I've ever been to. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I signed my lease in our random ass town...but at least we didn't buy!
We also are dedicating some serious time to working on our yard.  We have this big tree thing in our backyard that Seamus has dismantled and spread all over the place so we need to get cleaning and make it look presentable.  I leave for Chicago a week from tomorrow so I want to get some stuff accomplished but also relax a lot before my busy week there.

Last night Ross dropped the second to last of our wine glasses and it shattered.  Now I am on the search for some new ones...but I want to get ones that are WAY more durable! 
I like the stemless ones...seem a bit less breakable :)
These are pretty but almost remind me of a margarita kind of glass..
Any suggestions for good places to look?!  I drink red wine literally every night so I need some glasses stat!  It makes me feel like too much of an alcoholic drinking out of a rocks glass :)  Wine glasses keep me classy.
Hope everyone has a fab weekend.
xoxo, Jess