Random Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finally...we've made it to Wednesday.  Is it just me or is this week DRAGGING?  I am leaving for Chicago on Saturday for an event planning conference...and I've been there before, but this time around I am honestly not that excited since I am going alone and it will be sooooo cold!  Womp wompppp.  Guess I'm adjusting to this Southern kinda warm-ish weather.  Oh wait...just kidding...my car was frozen yesterday morning!  I thought it was supposed to be warm here!
I want to go eat at Lou Malnati's when I am there! 
It was so amazing last time, I have to have that pizza again!
Me and my mom at the bean!
I have two full days of free time when I am there...any suggestions for places to go sightseeing?  I want to go to the Willis Tower and do some shopping :)
I have been really neglecting the whole "Wedding Wednesday" thing...but honestly, I just have no updates.  Planning a wedding that is 20 months away is a slow process!  Oh well...maybe in a few months I will make some progress!
Other random thoughts for today - I wish we lived in Florida rather than SC.  It is warmer there, and the beach is there.  We keep talking about moving there instead.  We are the most indecisive couple EVERRRRR. 
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Happy Hump Day :)
xoxo, Jess