Weekend Recap

Monday, January 7, 2013

My weekend was uneventful and relaxing.  Got drunkkk on Friday, recovered on Saturday, had one of our groomsmen and his wife over Saturday night and then laid on the couch all day Sunday.  Really exciting, right?

Downton Abbey Season 3 started last night...which made my 2013 thus far!  I'm obsessed.  And tonight is the new season of The Bachelor...because yes, I'm a total weirdo and love the drama of those crazy biddies they recruit for that show.

This is my first full week back after the New Year...and I am not thrilled about it.  Saturday I leave for a conference in Chicago for 5 days...I'm excited to do a little siteseeing and shopping!!

I also have a HUGE PROBLEM. I can't upload pictures to my blog anymore!! WTF.  I am confused and must solve this problem...like today.

Also...whoever you are that has been googling my name all weekend, thanks for showing such strong interest in my blog? Haha...just kidding...but really...who are you?

I'm linking up with Sami today!  Go check her out!
xoxo, Jess