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Monday, February 11, 2013

Today is an exciting day...it is my 100th post!  I cannot believe that I have had that much to write about.  Thank you all for following along with my craziness!
Seam says happy 100th mommy!

Some wedding invite samples came!!  But we didn't like these..
Ross and I spent our Saturday cleaning our house from top to bottom and then went to our friends house for dinner and drinks....which turned into three of us girls finishing a handle of vodka and a bottle of red wine.  That was a blast.  Sunday was NOT a blast.  Note for the future...vodka and vino don't mix.  Woooof.

Wine from a straw...this is when shit got blurry.
And now I am sick...AGAIN.  I thought my sickness was just from my hangover yesterday, but noooooo...I have the chills, fever bullshit that I have been dealing with for basically 6 weeks.  NOT HAPPY.

Last night I watched the Grammys and did some wedding stuff.  And participated in the raging Twitter party that was going on. 
HIGH FIVE for twitter parties!
Tomorrow I will talk about some of my fav's from the outfits last night...but today I can't function and have to go to like 16 meetings.
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Happy Monday...woof.
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  1. poor thing, feel better!!! I seem to be one of the only ones that hasn't been sick this whole flu season (knock on wood)!! congrats on the 100th post!! :)