Buckwild Friday

Friday, February 8, 2013

Guys, I have a problem.  The season finale of Buckwild was last night.  Not acceptable.  I need those mud lovin coeds in my life.
If you haven't seen it then get to MTV asap (since they replay all of their shows for f-ckin weeks).  Last night was a hot mess because one of the main characters Tyler was just mackin it with every biddy on the show.
He was kinda dating Katie...and even went and met her mom! Oh em GEEE!
But then he got down and dirrrttyyy with Ashley when Katie was at the bar.  Oh NO you didn't boy.  Bitches be pissed now.
They banded together and kicked Tyler's dumb ass for 'playin wit them'.  God I love reality TV.  Especially when it's set in West Virginia.
Now let's not forget the other cast member that Tyler romanced...
Cara, who now is shackin up with the Gandee Candy, Shain...
Who clearly thinks that a backhoe is some sort of redneck carnival ride.
all images via mtv
Which was then used for a game they called redneck waterskiing...and is one of the main reasons why you need to be watching this show.
Guys, this is what I love, I am sorry.  Are you judging me a little more this morning?  Or are you just as into Buckwild as I am?  When I watch them raging at the lake in their bathing suits I want summer here now.  I also don't want to be turning 26...because that makes this behavior a tiny itty bitty bit less acceptable.
Happy Friday ya'll!!!!! --> ya I started saying ya'll.  God help me..
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  1. haha oh man! I am SO glad i'm not alone in this. I watch it every Thursday and was actually bummed it's over. I loved trying to figure out what Shain was actually saying without the captions! Is it sad that i'm actually hoping for a season 2?!

  2. I stayed up just to watch the end but then couldn't make it to the after show!! I can't wait to watch my DVR today lol love that show!

  3. I canNOT watch this show. It reminds me so much of shit we would do in my hometown that I just get so embarrassed.