First Things First

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Linking up late today for First Things First with Hallie and Halie
First Thing I Do in the Morning
I am woken up every single morning by Seamus.  No matter what day it is, he wakes up at exactly 7am for his breakfast.  And then proceeds to cry and sit right between Ross and I until one of us caves and gets up with him.  He is like a little alarm clock...never fails.
First Broken Heart
I think it was during the beginning of my senior year of high boyfriend at the time and I had been off and on since my sophomore year and I was really broken up when we ended things.  It is funny to look back at all of that stuff though...thinking about how traumatized I was at the time and how I thought life would never go on, but better things were waiting for me in the future!
First High School Dance/Prom
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures but the first high school dance I went to was in 9th grade with my "older, much cooler" 11th grade boyfriend.  What a little rebel I was.  I had braces and the oh so fashionable twists in my hair :)  Really nice look.  I'll tell my mom to overnight a picture of that shit.
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  1. Oh gosh, when you get that picture from your mom, you *have* to post it, because that sounds truly amazing, and hilarious :) Such a "cool kid" you must have been for going to prom as freshman! haha :) Glad to have you linking up with us again this week girl!