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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday means we are THAT much closer to the weekend...which means my trashy roots are THAT much closer to being colored back to normal by my lovely hairdresser.  Hallejulah!  I need some foils all over my head, I look ridic.  And I went back to the doctor yesterday and found out my sinus infection actually turned into bronchitis because they didn't give me a strong enough antibiotic the last time.  COOL, thanks guys.
Guess what?  I finally have a button up to advertise with!  Made that all by myself...aren't you impressed?  Yea, I know you aren't...but I'm trying here guys!!  Anyone want to swap buttons?!  Email me bitchessss!
So speaking of my hair appointment...I am having a small obsession with Robyn's hair.  If you guys haven't been to her blog yet, you should definitely check it out...she is one of my favs, has amazing style and is from Utah (and I loveee me some UT bloggers). 
Anyways, I love how her hair is dark and then just the tips are dyed lighter.  I think it looks great...not sure if I could pull it off since my hair is a lot shorter, but that is my vision for this upcoming appointment.  I am desperately trying to grow my hair out by taking VERY little heat to it, using better quality shampoo and conditioner and also using morrocan oil..which I have been told is good.  I also got some biotin that I was being SO good about taking this fall, but have totally forgotten about since the new year.  I am definitely going to get back on that though!
On another note...I came across this picture when I was researching the resort we want as our venue in Mexico and I really love the cut of the bridesmaids dresses!  I want to have short dresses, but I think the top and the way they gather at the waist is so flattering...I really like them!  I do not want a single speck of pink at my wedding, but honestly don't even hate the color of these.
I am a degenerate anyway...I haven't even asked my bridesmaids to be in the wedding yet and obviously you guys know we can't even pick a date or location!  For someone whose job is to plan weddings and events, I am a complete indecisive mess!  We absolutely WILL have a decision made by mid-March.  No ifs, ands or buts!
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  1. Ohhh I like those dresses too. If it makes you feel any better...my weddding is a little over a month away & I still have three wine bottles with "will you be my bridesmaid" sitting on our wine rack. I mean...they know they're in the wedding at this point. Might as well give the wine to them with their bridesmaid gifts!

  2. I love your casual outfit! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too. xo


    1. Aww that isn't me, just hair I'm drooling over...but I already follow you too! Love your blog!!