First Things First...rainy Tuesday

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Any SC girls out there?  What is WITH this weather?  Does it seriously rain from December on here?  It is always raining!!  I need some damn sunshine on my skin or I am heading to the tanning bed STAT.  Gotta get that nice glow going.
Link up with us for First Things First today!  This link up is really funny...I love thinking back on old memories or laughing at the random things that I do.
First Thing I Do at the Gym
Typically, the treadmill or eliptical first.  But since I am a lazy ass and haven't been to the gym in A MONTH...I don't really know.  Sad to admit, but it's true...lazy lady right here.
First Date with my SO
Ross and I never had an official first date.  I guess when I first visited him in Utah you could consider that as a whole one big first date.  But never an official one.  He did drunkenly say to me at the bar that first night in Utah "so what ARE we?!" which obvi was one of the most romantic things ever, duh.  And speaking of firsts, the first night we met in Vegas we were dancing at a club and I drunkenly said to him "I'll make out with you, but not now because I want to keep dancing".  I AM SO CLASSY.
First Email Address
Ummmm it was actually.  Sloane was one of my first dogs.  5 is my lucky number.  Original. 
Sorry this post is I said this week is a total hot mess for me.  I am extremely busy with meetings and events at work.  Next week I will be able to breathe a bit and spend some time with Ross, Seamus, my parents and ya'll!! 
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  1. That 'first date' story is pretty funny! And my first email address as just was 'original' as yours! HalieBaby17... Good times...

  2. Super romantic first date - men do have a way with words :)

  3. I don't live in SC, I live in South GA, but our weather has been insane also! It'll be 80 one day and 55 and raining the next! I hate it!

    Visiting from First Things First and your newest follower!