Random Wednesday

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today IS super random...because I am going to spend my day assembling centerpieces, picking up linens and awards, making a seating chart and then probably consuming too much wine.  Tomorrow is our biggest event of the semester and it is making me want to puke.
Other random things - it NEEDS to be a week from today.  Then my parents would be arriving tomorrow!  And we would be touring my wedding venue.  And having a spa day with my mom.  And I'd be packing for Vegas.  And probably getting drunk.  Whyyyyyyyy can't this week go faster?!
Ahhhhh I can't wait!!
On Monday Ross's mother and sister are visiting...with her two little kids.  I have never met his sister or her daughters so this will be veryyyy interesting!  Hopefully it goes well :)  And if it doesn't, guess I will be getting extra drunk :) hehehehe
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  1. I am very very jealous of your coming week! And I always say when all else fails...just get drunk.