Torrential Rain?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Holy crap it needs to stop raining.  But at least it isn't snow...I have to keep telling myself that.  But actually, you can play in is much harder to play in rain.  Which actually makes snow quite fun.  What the efffffff.  I need to get to Vegas NOW.
Last night we went to dinner with Ross's family that is in town visiting.  His mom, sister and her two daughters drove down for just a two day visit and then are heading to see his grandparents in Myrtle Beach today.  If you don't already know I am NOT a kid person...but for some reason these two little shrimps are like the cutest things alive.  They were so fun and were all about hanging out with me the past two days....weird.  When I saw Ross holding the baby last night I got all weird and gooey and like awww baby shit....woof.
I wore a new blazer that I got back around was on clearance at Macys for $17!  And has leopard lining...what could be better than that!

Seam wanted his picture taken too, clearly.

He loves posing with mommy haha

Do I need these?  I think I do...but probably need to be told no.  But maybe...?
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  1. Nope. You need those. For sure.

  2. you look super cute!! and I love those Shoemint shoes - sooo cute!

  3. super cute blazer...I've been hunting for the perfect one! Great outfit.

    1. Thanks girl! Check out H&M...I got an adorable blue blazer there on clearance for $10!

  4. Eek it's been raining here in Florida too and it's bringin down my mood! Cute outfit girl!