What a weekend..

Monday, February 25, 2013

Here's my weekend courtesy of instagram.  It consisted of big beers, Oscars, baking and cuddling with Seamus and Ross.
33 ounce beers!  Heaven!

The boys sharing..

Fresh banana bread

Soooo many naps

Margaritas and red carpet..
Anddddd we keep sleeping...
We leave for Vegas on SATURDAY!  YESSSSSSSS :)  Need this!
Link up for Weekend Shenanigans with Sami!

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  1. VEGAS? I am so jealous, like seriously, really jealous.

    those beers look amazing on this Monday morning, and those puppy dog eyes? PRESSH.

    glad you guys had such a great weekend, have fun in vegas!

  2. please beam me over some of those 33oz beers...stat!