First Things First, Stress and maybe a new house!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hey ya'll...happy Tuesday.  Yesterday was a total mess at work and I honestly think the next month might turn me into an alcoholic.  Now that we are in the crunch time for graduation, my job is nuts.  I also probably picked the worst possible time to book my month before graduation that I am in charge of.  Woops.  I just didn't think April would be so hectic...but at least I can be proactive next year and try to have everything done before I am out! is Tuesday so that means First Things First!
First roommate(s)
My first time having any sort of roommate was my freshman year of college.  I am an only child so I thought that having roommates would be fun...but that is not always the case.  I was in a triple and one of the girls and I just didn't see eye to say the least.  It was actually pretty tough for me to adjust to sharing a space and living in such a tiny area with two other people.  I was probably not the easiest roommate either!  I joined Chi Omega my first semester though and moved into the sorority house at the beginning of my sophomore year, where I had my own bedroom but shared the house with 14 other girls.  That was the absolute best decision and SO much fun!
Junior year with some of my sorority sisters :)
First Time Living Away From Home
When I moved into Babson in August of 2005 was the first time I lived away from home.  I absolutely loved living at Babson and was basically devastated when I graduated and had to leave.  But after college I lived in Boston for a little over a year and then moved to CA, UT and now SC!  I hate living away from my parents (who now live back in MA) but am so happy that I have ventured out and lived in a bunch of really cool places.  I hope that I still have more ahead of me!
College Dorm Room
So I don't have any pics of my freshman year room...but I have some from my sorority house and then my on-campus apartment from senior year.
So this picture is in my room junior year...check out my lovely display of Captains.  Obviously you can see I have always been a classy lady.
This is my sophomore year in our living room...heading to formal!!
Junior year...that is my room in the sorority.  And a whip.  And a sock bun 5 years early!
My living room senior year...and yes I am fully in mens clothes.  It was during a drinking game!
The Chi O living room my senior year.
Hope you loved that gorgeous array of college memories.  I am going to look at a house today, so fingers crossed we like it and can get moving ASAP!!!
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  1. It looks like so much fun living with all of those ladies! Thanks for linking up! :)

  2. Holy cow you've lived in a lot of places! I'm jealous. I've only lived in two cities my whole life. Big adventurer over here, right?! Glad you linked up with us again this week! :)

  3. sweet! You're so ahead of times with your sock bun! You set then trend! haha Love it!