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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We have a new house!  Yesterday afternoon we saw the cutest little house in Greenville and decided that we are going to move there.  We can't move until the end of April because the current tenants are still there, but Ross and I could not be more excited!

Since we were so thrilled about the house we immediately went to the bar to celebrate.  We checked out Barleys in downtown Greenville because we heard their beer selection was the best in the area.  I definitely lovedddd the beers and tried some really yummy ones...but the food left a lot to be desired.  Oh well!  We still had a blast :)
My engagement ring is FINALLY back from the jeweler!  It was gone for almost two weeks!
My hand was extremely lonely!
The living room of the new house.  Really blurry....sorry :(
Barleys...look at all the different beers.

So yummy!
I go home to Boston tomorrow after work so I might be MIA for a few days.  But the trip is extremely short...I will be back Sunday night.  Just flying in to surprise my grandmother for her 80th birthday!  It is going to be cold....and of course the weather here will be in the 60's :(
These babies finally came in the mail yesterday...and I am in love.  They are SO tall but since there is such a platform, they are extremely comfortable and don't feel that high at all.  I am easily 6'3" in them though.  At least Ross still towers over me :)
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 Happy Hump Day :)
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  1. Yay for the house! I can't wait to see pictures :)

  2. I bought those same shoes!! :) great minds think a like! congrats on the move!! :)

  3. Congrats on your new home! And those sandals are crazy in a good way!

  4. Congratulations on the house, and your engagement ring is GORGEOUS! (but I'm sure you knew that) :)