First Things First!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Tuesday!!!!  I'm coming to you from Sin City this week...are you kinda jealous?  Maybe just a little?? :)  We are having a blast but I had to take a little time out for First Things First!!!
This week I am co-hosting with the awesome Halie of Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots and Robin of The Sunshine Diary!  I just love this linkup and always have fun thinking of the weird stuff that I am going to tell ya'll about myself every week.

This week we are talking about...
First Thing You Reach For in the Fridge
First Car Accident or Traffic Violation
First BIG Accomplishment You're Proud Of

First Thing I Reach For in the Fridge
Depends on the time of day.  After work?  Beer or cocktail components.  Morning?  Cream for my coffee!!   Or any type of snack.  Literally anything.  We usually have the most random crap in our fridge.  Normally we have a lot of cheese, hot dogs, frozen pizzas, almond milk, beer, know, the healthy stuff.

First Car Accident or Traffic Violation
First car "accident" is actually a funny story for me.  When I was a junior in high school my boyfriend and I decided we would tell our parents we were going to the mall but instead we would go to the spot in town where everyone went to get cozy in the car.  That happened to be next to a river.  It had rained like a mofo the day before and all that day.  We were complete idiots and thought that driving my MINI VAN into a foot of mud in the pitch black darkness was a good idea.  Wrong.  We had to call both sets of our parents, they called AAA...and then we proceeded to get screamed at by four adults on a dark windy road while my car was towed out of the mud.  Needless to say, I was grounded.  For a while.

First BIG Accomplishment You're Proud Of
My first would probably be to say getting into Babson College, my Alma mater.  But really, I have a completely different accomplishment that means the most to me.  I was in a really shitty, painful, tumultuous relationship in college that seriously blinded me to reality.  After that ended I went through a really bad year.  I couldn't get over the stuff that happened to me and couldn't move on, didn't care about anything...literally.  Finally one day I sat down and said what the hell am I doing.  My parents were planning a move to California and I decided to pack my shit, quit my job and just get out of Boston.  I had to leave to figure out how to move on and be better.  Then Ross came along and I made an even bigger leave California and move to him.  I am so happy that I made the choices I did because it allowed me to see how strong I really am and figure out how I really should be treated. 

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  1. Holy crap girl, that first 'accident' story is hilarious! Sucks sooo bad that not only did your awesome mini van get seriously stuck, but that your parents had to find out you lied and weren't in fact at the mall...yikes. So funny though!

    P.S. - So glad you're co-hosting this week with me! :)

  2. Hi, popped over from Halie's blog, so excited to see who here cohosts are this week! :)

    That's an awesome thing to be proud of. If I were being COMPLETELY honest, I would say I have some similar things I'm proud of as well (getting through some seriously tough stuff). Good for you, for being brave enough to make a huge change like that. Not easy, I know!

    I linked up, too, you can read my post here.

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle