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Friday, March 1, 2013

Annnndddddd we're getting ready to go.  We have to leave for the airport in 4 hours!  CAN'T WAIT.  My parents got into town last night and I spent the day with them...we went and toured my wedding venue and then my mom and I had pedicures!  So relaxing and such a great time. 

Our venue is still being completely renovated but they installed some gorgeous new lighting and I couldn't be more excited about it.  I was extremely relieved that my parents loved the space...I was worried they would think it was such a gamble booking someone that is unfinished...but luckily they saw my vision!
It is going to be stunning...I just know it!!

Shoedazzle tormented me with these today.  I have a serious problem.
I also got a large box from Old Navy in the mail.  I will have to update ya'll on my fantastic finds when I get back from Vegas!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and beginning of the week.  Hopefully I come back in one piece!
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