I want to marry another man...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

If you haven't been listening to 20/20 Experience on repeat for the past week then I don't think we can be friends anymore.
I mean come on.  Look at that man.  Justin, ditch Jessica and get to my house.  We have the same name so obviously there is no difference.  I probably am way less of a diva too.  Well, maybe.  And really...Mary Camden?!  She might be hot but I can never forget about 7th Heaven.
Ladies, this new album is so damn sexual I can't even control myself.  I want it playing 24/7 at work, at my house, in my car...everywhere I go.  I can't get enough.  I wish I could listen to it at the gym but it gets me way too hot and bothered.  Whatever.
Right here he is obviously thinking about me.  I just know it.
And now I am off to sing Pusher Love Girl all day and think of ways to incorporate the entire album into my wedding.
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  1. I've had that album on repeat since iTunes started streaming it last week. The B-side of "Pusher Love Girl" is giving me all kinds of life! I hope you believe in plural marriage, because Justin is mine. Lol!

  2. The last line just cracked me up!

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  4. I'm the same way with Nick Carter, don't worry. since I was 6. never died. ughh.

  5. I've not married, I know I must choose the right man for me.


  6. I definitely haven't stopped listening to it yet! I can't wait for the second part to come out later this year!