Random Wednesday

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am so happy that today is Wednesday.  And trust me, this is a particularly random one. 
Yesterday I had a total freak out.  Just melted down.  I have never felt such anxiety in my life and was so overwhelmed that I finally just broke down.  Is it even sane of me to be so stressed an entire 12 months before my wedding?  And this is my job!!!  Everything feels so different when you are the bride and not the planner.  I left work, sat down with Ross and just cleared my head.  I am very overwhelmed by the idea of being the total focus for multiple days and having so many people in town as well...it seems like so much to take on.  But he calmed me down...which is one of the reasons why I am marrying him...and now I feel much better about everything.  We have our first caterer meeting this weekend so hopefully that will get me back on track and excited about diving into planning. 
Want to know what else is really random?  How amazing the weather was last weekend and today and how shitty it is supposed to be this upcoming weekend.  I want the nice weather to continue! 
I have gotten over the shock of the rental foreclosure and now am amped for moving into Greenville!  We live in a town right next to it called Greer but it is lame and boring and 15 miles to downtown.  I cannot wait to be closer to the excitement of downtown Greenville.  And now that we are getting to summer months the weekend concerts have started up...which is the type of stuff Ross and I love.
I'm going home to Boston in 8 days!  Woop!  But I won't have any friend time since the trip is so short...wahhhhh.
Ross turns 26 one month from today!  And I have two really good ideas for what to do...but they're a secret for now since he reads this ;)

Seam slept like this for an hour last night...
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  1. Our weather looks a lot like yours. BOO! Gotta love the south. ;)

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  2. I totally feel your pain on planning a wedding. the beginning SUCKS! it is so overwhelming and totally scary.

    BUT, even though you hear it all the time, it really all does come together even if it isn't exactly how you always imagined it to be it will be PERFECT:)


  3. Okay, the crying over the wedding planning has become my specialty lately!!!