Wedding Wednesday

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Morning sunshines :)  It was 66 degrees here in SC yesterday but this morning is a bit chillier than that!  I even had to warm my car up!  #southernproblems
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I'm getting back to a little thing called Wedding Wednesday today.  I have been slacking since we have had so much going on in our lives, but now that we are back from our vacation and settled into normal life again I have to get some stuff accomplished for this wedding.  I have been working on some line items that need to get addressed ASAP. 
 Ceremony Space
I grew up in a very Catholic family so my parents feel strongly that I marry in the church.  That presents a little problem though since Ross and I are not members anywhere AND there are only 3 Catholic churches in Greenville!  We have driven by two of them and I was less than impressed and the third has very strict requirements about getting married there...which we aren't willing to comply with.  So now what?!  I am getting some major pressure from the parents to find a church/priest but am totally striking out.  That is definitely the top must do on my list.
Hotel Blocks
This is also another small headache for me.  We have about 90% of our guests traveling from MA and UT, so we will need a lot of hotel rooms.  I spent a large majority of yesterday afternoon working on this and hope to get everything nailed down today!
We have our first catering meeting next Saturday the 23rd!  Can't wait to get the ball rolling with this and see what is possible for our day.  It definitely is the biggest expense for the wedding, but absolutely one of the most important to me.  Bad food = not an option.
Our entire wedding party has been asked and accepted being in the wedding, which is awesome!  I am also planning a trip up to Boston for sometime in May or June to look for bridesmaids dresses :)  I have moments every few days where I start to panick about this entire thing and wish that we had just eloped in Vegas, but hopefully I will calm down and everything will be perfect.
Here are some pictures I have seen lately that have been particularly inspiring..
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  1. Love this!!
    Both of sets of our parents are religious but thankfully aren't pushing us to have a religious ceremony so my uncle will be the officiant. As for catering, we're going with BBQ. We love BBQ. And I found a local place that will serve it in nice silver chafing dishes. And then Mark and I will each have our own signature BBQ sauces! I agree though, sometimes I wish I could say FORGET IT and elope. But then I still want the fancy dress...

  2. Don't you just HATE how that happens in the South? I'm so glad I checked the weather before I got dressed this morning because I was very tempted to dress for the spring like weather we've been having. It was 39 degrees when I went outside and had to warm up my car as well. I'm still wearing my sandles, but I have on a jacket. That's okay right?

  3. When is your wedding? Mine is in October, and I feel like I reaaaaalllyyy need to get movin' on some stuff. Or I might start to have a panic attack myself over here!

  4. Good luck finding a venue! That was SUCH a relief to check of my list!