Why are weekends so fast?

Monday, March 18, 2013

 This weekend flew by!  And honestly, it was no where near as eventful as I anticipated.  Friday night Ross and I went on an impromptu sushi date after a police officer showed up at our house looking for our landlord.  Turns out our house is in foreclosure.  And now we have to find a new rental...woof.  So sushi was definitely needed after that news...and we found a great place in Greenville that I think is going to be *our* sushi place now.  We have been struggling to find one we liked...but we struck gold with this one!  It also was so warm! I couldn't have been happier.

Saturday we decided to go check out Paris Mountain State Park.  We had never been so weren't fully prepared for hiking, but we ended up going 5 miles!  It was a great time and the weather was perfect...and I got a serious sunburn!  Seamus loved it too.

He didn't wake up for basically the rest of the weekend.

Saturday night we had friends over for celebratory St. Paddy's drinks and then went to the bars downtown.  Next thing I knew it was yesterday morning and my head was pounding all day.  So yea, I didn't take any pictures....fail.

This is what we did all day yesterday.  Seriously...neither of us moved until almost 8pm.
Now the week is starting again, it is raining and I am house hunting.  I also have decided to cut the alcohol intake back a bit in order to get some of these lbs off.  Apparently drinking every night doesn't help you lose weight.  Go figure!
I'm linking up with Sami today! 
Happy Monday!
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  1. Sucks about your place!! Good luck with the house hunting!!

  2. Love your St Pattys outfit! xoxo

  3. Which sushi place did y'all try? I'm picky about sushi too!

    I think I've put my house hunt on hold..good luck with yours :)

  4. Paris Mtn is so fun. We try to camp at the upper lake at least once a year - hike in and camp - it's super secluded (unless there's a bike race going on that weekend). Good luck house hunting, there's lots of available lots to build on in my neighborhood if that's an options (can you tell we really want cool neighbors??? LOL)

  5. LOVE the skirt...where is it from?! Also, the same thing happened to my sister when she learned her apartment was in foreclosure - such crappy circumstances. Good luck finding a new place!