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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Is anyone else as happy as I am that Monday is over?  The weather here was crap yesterday but the rest of the week is looking up which makes me oh so excited for the weekend!!  Saturday is supposed to reach the mid 70's which is the perfect weather for some outdoor day drinking :)
I am linking up for First Things First today with some of my fav blogger gals!! 
First Magazine Subscription
I actually don't remember, but I am fairly certain it was either Highlights or American Girl Magazine.  I was American Girl obsessed and the first time I went to NYC (when I was in college) I had to go to the American Girl store...obvi.
First Real Piece of Jewelry You Owned
I have an amazing dad who loves to spoil my mom and I rotten...so I was getting nice jewelry fairly early in my life.  He did the Tiffany thing when those damn bracelets and necklaces were in..
And he also got me a pearl necklace, earings and bracelets at some point that I still wear.  My two favorite pieces were my diamond ring (which he currently has up in MA because it is being repaired since I am an ass) and the diamond and ruby ring that he gave my mom when they found out they were pregnant with me! (which he also has at the jeweler due to me being an ass)  Both of those rings I wear every day since they are so dear to me. 
Oh and if you're wondering...I knocked a ruby out of my moms ring because I am never careful with anything valuable...and the diamond ring was basically demolished on my hand one day and I have no idea how.  The lady at the jeweler asked my dad if I had been in an accident.  I am a moron.
First Time Staying Home Alone
Overnight?  Well get ready to laugh biddies, because the first time I ever stayed home alone overnight was summer of 2011.  Yes, you read that right.  2011.  Since I am an only child my parents always took me with them places and on the rare occassion that they were away without me, I stayed with my grandmother who lived down the street.  Then college came and I lived in a sorority house for 4 years, then moved into an apartment in Boston with friends and then moved in with Ross.  So yea, I have never lived alone.  Well in July 2011, Ross went to NY for a golf tournament leaving me all by my lonesome in Utah.  Obviously I was expecting to get murdered.  In the safest town ever.  Since then I have stayed home alone, but that first time was traumatic :)
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  1. Oh I'm so glad you mentioned Highlights too! Such good stuff back in the day :) And that's so funny that it was 2011 before you stayed by yourself! Sorry girl, but that's just funny ;)

  2. OF COURSE the Tiffany bracelet. Haha fond memories

  3. Oh, & if it makes you feel any better I collapsed one of my grandma's diamond rings while I was drunk one night. I have no idea what happened I just woke up & it was all smooshed up on one side like I had hit it with something.

  4. I'm a Highlights girl, too! And I totally forgot about American Girl!! I looooved American Girl. I bet going to the store was amazing.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. I still get so nostalgic every time I see an American girl doll. I've kept all of mine and I'm saving them for my daughter. I've never been to the store though and I think I'd still appreciate it, even as an adult.

  6. My first magazine was American Girl as well! We were so cool!

  7. To this day I am terrified if I ever have to stay at home by myself!!

  8. LOL at getting murdered. I still think that...even thought I've had plenty of experience with staying home alone! LOL

    Found you via First Things First!